It’s Elemental

Chapter 7 Element Project

Due January 13, 2017

Hey kids, the elements are the building blocks from which all things are made.  I want you to learn more about an element of your choice.  Choose one of the elements from the periodic table and research that element. 

Download the project Guidelines

See the Elements in Pictures here

Your project should include the following:

  1. 1. Tell what products or things your element can be
    found in. 

  2. 2. Have pictures of those products

  3. 3. Tell the Atomic number, who discovered the element,  the year the element was discovered, the origins of the element’s name, its color, the group it belongs to (metal, non-metal), and interesting facts about your element.

Check out these Websites

*Periodic videos here - Don’t click on ads, watch with your parents

*Web Elements here - Learn about each element (great for your project)

*Photographic Periodic Table  here - See pictures of things made with your element.

*Los Alamos National Lab here - this is where they researched the atomic bomb!