Go Math Resources


                                    Your Math book has a lot of great resources.  Click on the picture

                                    to access the Go Math resources in Think Central.

                                                Here’s what you can find in Think Central:

  1.                                           *1.  Access your math book online

  2.                                           *2.  Animated Math Modules - The entire 5th grade curriculum is broken down to 44

  3.                                               skills.  Students can learn, practice, and quiz on each skill

  4. *3. Interactive Student Edition - walks you through the lessons, then gives you practice similar to the SBAC

  5.   4.  Enrichment Book - Challenge yourself with harder problems

  6.   5.  Reteaching Book - get extra support for each lesson

  7.   6.  On the Spot Videos - get a video tutorial for each lesson

  8.   7.  Real World Videos - See how math is used in the real world

  9.   8.  Math Concept Readers - Read stories about math as it relates to the real world.  Stories are at different

  10.        reading levels

Differentiated Math Instruction with FrontRowEd - Students will be using Front Row in class (and at home) for individualized math instruction. Front Row is dynamic in nature and allows students to work at their level and at their pace.

Khan Academy - This is a great site for independent practice and additional learning. Parents sign up their students (in order to save progress) and students can access and learn the entire 5th grade Common Core Math Curriculum. This is FREE!

Students can access the 5th Grade curriculum without signing up. However, your progress won’t be saved and you will have to remember where you left off each time you return.

Username: first_last

Password: library number