Language Arts

Theme 1 - Taking a Stand
Theme 2 - The American West
Theme 3 - Using Your Wits
Theme 4 - Team Up to Survive
Theme 5 - Investigations
Theme 6 - Changes

Our Language Arts program will consist of the Treasures Student Textbook with short stories, reading Core Literature novels, reading non-fiction articles, StoryWorks Magazine, and Ready Common Core.  Use the links below to further engage the stories we will cover. 

Each story’s web site has Spelling and Vocabulary Activities, Research Activities, Audio Summaries, and information about the author.

Reading & Writing Resources
Research Tool Kit:  Use to research the “Big Idea” from each Unit
Research and Inquiry Activities: Research activities for each lesson
Spelling and Vocabulary Activities: Games for Spelling and Vocabulary for each story
Person & Place: Meet people from California that represent themes from each Unit
Oral Language Activities: Stories and games to discuss with a parent or classmate

Spelling City

Review your words, listen to how the words are pronounced, play games using your spelling words, and test yourself!

Spelling Activities

Download the Spelling Activities list.  You will be required to do one or more activities each week.

Watch videos, listen to stories, and read the magazines.