Old River 
Science Fair Resources
2019 - 2020

We are so excited to have you participate in this year’s Science Fair. Please be sure to read and follow all directions.

  1. 1)Start by reading the handbook and rules with your parents.

  2. 2)Some Restricted projects may be allowed
    only if you have a
    Designated supervisor or a
    qualified scientist AND have prior approval from mr.smith or your teacher and all proper forms have been filled out prior to beginning your experiment.

  3. 3)be sure your project is an experiment, not a demonstration.

  4. 4)Do not put your name on the front of the project board.

  5. 5)No photos of any person other than the student can be on the project board.


Check out These

r e s o u r c e s

to learn more!

Mandatory meetings for all participants:
*September 22, 1:00 Rm. 18 (Lunch Recess)

*September 22  Parent Meeting 6:00-6:45pm (optional)

*October 6, 1:00 Rm. 18 (Lunch Recess) Parent Acknowledgement Forms due

Projects due Monday, December 2

School Competition

Thursday, December 5