Are You Ready for an Awesome Year?


This is going to be a great year!  You will need to be prepared each and every day in order to have a successful and awesome year.  Below is a list of the things you NEED to have and a list of things that are OPTIONAL.  The Optional items would be great to have for class, but not necessary.

Things You NEED

Optional Items

*5 Subject Notebook (college ruled) - To Take Notes
*Erasable Ink Pens - Blue or Black OR mechanical pencils
*Red Ball-Point Pens (2)

*Other Important things:
A Great Attitude!
        Be Prepared Everyday
        Be Responsible
        Work Hard Every Day!
        Be On Time
        Eat Breakfast

*Colored Pencils - for class projects (Crayola Twistables - no sharpening colored pencils. Best Price is Walmart online.)
*Zipper Pouch for Pens/Pencils to be kept in your backpack (no pencil boxes)

Do Not Bring:
Pencil Boxes
(Pencil pouches are OK)

Please Note: 
Binders are discouraged due to limited space in student desks.  Students bringing binders must keep them in their backpacks.