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Mr. Smith wants all parents to use online ordering!  It’s faster, easier, and students get free books!

That’s Right!  Now you can place book orders online!  It’s fast, easy, and secure.  Just follow the directions below to look at this month’s catalogue and then place your order when you are ready.  Online ordering saves time and can be done 24/7 from any computer.  

Start Shopping Now!
1.  From the class homepage, click on the link for Scholastic or just click on the word scholastic at the top of this page.

 Click on “First-Time Here”
Create your own USERNAME and PASSWORD by using the 

4.  Browse the catalogue and when you find a book you want to purchase, just click “add to order.”  Parents pay with their credit card and orders are shipped to Old River Elementary.  It’s that easy!  

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Mr. Smith