Science Resources
Life Science
Earth Science
Physical Science
Ch 1 Structure of Living Things:
Lesson 1: Cells
Lesson 2: Cells to Organisms
Lesson 3: Diversity of Organisms
Cells Alive website
Cell Challenge

Ch. 2 Plant Structures &  
Lesson 1: Vascular Plants
Lesson 2: Plant Transport 
Lesson 3: Photosynthesis and
Science of Gardening

Ch. 3 Human Body Systems:
Lesson 1: The Human Body
Lesson 2: Digestive System
Lesson 3: Respiratory System
Lesson 4: Circulatory System
Lesson 5: Excretory System 

Light and Convex Lenses
Human Eye
Image Formation and Vision
Ch. 4 Earth’s Water: 
Lesson 1: The Blue Planet
Lesson 2: Water Cycle
Evaporation & Condensation Video NEW
Hydrologic Cycle Video  NEW
Types of Clouds Video  NEW

Lesson 3: Freshwater Resources
Lesson 4: California’s Water 

Ch. 5 Earth’s Weather:
Lesson 1: Earth’s Atmosphere
Geography4Kids - Learn about the atmosphere.  You can even watch NASA videos.
Auroras - Learn about the auroras, paintings in the sky, and how they are created in the atmosphere.
It’s a Breeze - Learn about Air Pressure from NASA
Lesson 2: Air Currents and Wind
Lesson 3: Oceans & Air 
Lesson 4: Severe Weather
Lesson 5: Predicting Weather

Ch. 6 The Solar System:
Lesson 1: The Sun
Lesson 2: Solar System
Lesson 3: Gravity and Orbits

NASA for kids.
Ch. 7 Types of Matter:
Lesson 1: Properties of Matter
What is Mass? Video  NEW
Inertia - What is it? Video  NEW
Expansion & Contraction Video  NEW
Weight vs. Mass Video   NEW
Lesson 2: Elements
Atoms Video  NEW
Electrons Video  NEW

Lesson 3: Classifying Elements
Lesson 4: Mixtures
Lesson 5: Compounds
Chem4kids matter
Glitter Globe - an experiment 
    about density.

Ch. 8 Changes in Matter:
-Chemical Reactions
-Metals and Alloys
Conduction - Why things get Hot Video


Chem4kids atoms

Just For Fun
Secret Worlds - Zoom In from
    space until you see an atom.
The Energy Story

The Science Text Web Site has great resources for students. 

Each lesson has the following:

Introductory Video - Video showing main concepts for the chapter.

Vocabulary Activities - Key vocabulary for the chapter

eJournal - An online Research activity designed to extend student learning.

eReview - Animated lesson review and animated quiz for concepts and vocabulary.

Concept Summaries - These are the “big ideas” for each lesson.