Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a time for remembering all the blessings we have.  It is also a time to say to the ones we love, “Thank You!”  This Thanksgiving, be sure to share your appreciation and thankfulness with the ones you love!
Watch videos to learn more about the First Thanksgiving.  Click on the picture below.
It is my sincere wish for you and your family to have an awesome Thanksgiving!

Plimoth Plantation, in Massachusetts - Learn more about the first Thanksgiving in the Just For Kids section.

Check out the other information here.

Tour the Mayflower, follow the voyage, meet the people, and learn about daily life of the Pilgrims.  All from Scholastic.  Click on the picture to start your tour.

After looking through the resources below, write or type a one - two page essay about Thanksgiving in Google Classroom.  It can be about anything having to do with Thanksgiving.                   Due November 15, 2017

You Are the Historian!

Take a virtual field trip as you investigate the First Thanksgiving!

Talk Like a Pilgrim

Learn words used by the pilgrims and compare it to the words we use today.